Aesthetic Dermatology

Autologous cellular regeneration

Because it induces collagen production in the dermis, Regen PRP could be considered an effective facial rejuvenation procedure.3


  • Collagen formation

  • Skin revitalisation

  • Acne scars

  • keloid scars

Collagen Formation

Histological evidence of new collagen formulation with platelet-rich plasma in skin rejuvenation.3

In this prospective, controlled clinical trial, the authors evaluated the efficacy of intradermal injection of Regen PRP for facial rejuvenation in humans (20 patients) by performing pre- and post-treatment histological examinations and measuring collagen mean optical densities (MODs).

  • The authors observed that the MOD of collagen fibres was significantly higher on the PRP-treated side than on the saline-injected side (p < 0.001). These data are consistent with previous in vivo work showing the effect of RegenPRP on the rejuvenation of photoaged skin in nude mice.4
  • The authors did not observe any serious side effects after Regen PRP treatment.

Studies with Cellular Matrix BCT-HA

  • Appearance of the face

  • Skin Quality

  • Cellular Regeneration

Appearance Of The Face

Significant improvement in skin elasticity. 1-2

In a prospective study, 31 patients were treated at 0, 1 and 2 months with mesotherapy using the combination of Regen PRP and HA produced by CELLULAR MATRIX (CM-PRP-HA). Clinical benefit was assessed using FACE-Q scores and biophysical measurements of skin elasticity.

Comparison of FACE-Q scores showed significant improvement at 6 months compared to baseline (p=0.03). Similarly, objective biophysical measurements showed a significant improvement in skin elasticity (R5) compared to baseline (p=0.036) 6 months after treatment.

No serious side effects were observed.

Further areas of application of PRP+HA in aesthetic medicine:

Natural aging management:

Treatment of dark circles under the eyes

Treatment of deep and superficial wrinkles

Skin rejuvenation, especially on the décolleté and hand surfaces

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