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RegenLab® is a leading global provider of medical devices for the production of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and plasma-related products. Founded in 2003, the Swiss company is considered a specialist in PRP and other cell therapies.  

The role of PRP & cell-based products in regenerative medicine

Successful tissue formation is supported by 3 important building blocks:

A Matrix

Growth Factors

Regenerative Cells

These components form what is known as the healing triad. A matrix is required to provide structure to the growing tissue. It provides mechanical integrity and provides the basis for cell growth. Growth factors are bioactive signalling molecules. They provide for differentiation, proliferation and metabolic activity and determine the phenotype of a cell. Regenerative cells, such as mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) can differentiate and contribute to tissue formation.

The RegenLab® Difference

Your advantages at a glance

technological advantages

  • User-independent, standardised preparation 
  • Minimal blood volume required 
  • Safe and closed system
  • 5-minute centrifugation, during which the separating gel forms a permanent physical barrier between the PRP and the unwanted blood components
  • Reversible anticoagulation using a high purity, physiological sodium citrate solution with pH 7
  • Short learning curve and easy application 
  • Efficient manufacturing process and clinical application with minimal time requirements
  • Easy to integrate into existing practice procedures


  • Regen PRP® is standardised, leukocyte-reduced and easily reproducible. The specific Regen Lab separation gel technology guarantees minimal variability
  • Platelet recovery rate >80%
  • High platelet quality: high viability and functionality 
  • Complete plasma recovery: no loss of growth factors and fibrinogen content contained in the plasma 
  • Leukocyte-reduced PRP: ~96.7% of the pro-inflammatory granulocytes are removed from the PRP. The remaining white blood cells left in the RegenPRP consist mainly of lymphocytes and monocytes
  • Virtually no red blood cells: 99.7% of the erythrocytes are separated by the RegenLab® technology


  • Proven safety and efficacy
  • Evidence-based results for numerous therapeutic indications 
  • Large number of clinical studies, with over 200 publications 
  • Technology

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  • Cell Profile


All Regen Lab products use the patented separation gel technology for standardised production of cell therapy products with reproducible cell profile.

The separating gel positions itself in a controlled manner within the buffy coat during centrifugation, forming a stable physical barrier that isolates the platelets and plasma in the upper part of the tube, while binding almost all of the unwanted erythrocytes and a large proportion of the neutrophil granulocytes in the lower part. The resulting Regen PRP® is a homogeneous plasma PRP with a high platelet recovery (> 70- 80 %), a low WBC-concentration with almost quantitative depletion of pro-inflammatory neutrophil granulocytes, and virtually no erythrocytes. The separation gel ensures that a PRP with a reproducible cell profile, the Regen PRP®, can be produced if the manufacturing protocol is followed. The closed system ensures sterile preparation that is safe for both patient and

Due to the high plug-and-play functionality of the Regen Lab system consisting of Regen Lab centrifuge tubes, centrifuge and accessories, the learning curve for the preparation of Regen PRP® and CELLULAR MATRIX® is minimal for users. Regen Lab products can be easily integrated into everyday practice.

  • Technologie

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  • Zellprofil


Alle RegenLab Produkte nutzen die patentierte Trenngel-Technologie zur standardisierten Herstellung von Zelltherapieprodukten mit reproduzierbarem Zellprofil.

Das Trenngel positioniert sich während der Zentrifugation kontrolliert innerhalb des Buffy-Coats und bildet eine stabile physikalische Barriere, die die Thrombozyten und das Plasma im oberen Teil des Röhrchens isoliert, während nahezu alle der unerwünschten Erythrozyten und ein Großteil der neutrophilen Granulozyten im unteren Teil gebunden werden. Das resultierende Regen PRP® ist ein homogenes Plasma-PRP mit einer hohen Thrombozytenrückgewinnung (> 70- 80 %), einer niedrigen WBC- Konzentration bei nahezu quantitativer Abreicherung der pro-inflammatorischen neutrophilen Granulozyten, und praktisch keinen Erythrozyten. Durch das Trenngel wird sichergestellt, dass bei Einhaltung des Herstellungsprotokolls ein PRP mit reproduzierbarem Zellprofil, das Regen PRP®, hergestellt werden kann. Durch das geschlossene System ist eine sterile und für Patient und Anwender sichere Aufbereitung gewährleistet.

Durch die hohe Plug-and-Play-Funktionalität des RegenLab-Systems aus RegenLab-Zentrifugenröhrchen, Zentrifuge und Accessories, ist die Lernkurve zur Herstellung von Regen PRP® und Cellular Matrix® für die Anwender minimal. RegenLab-Produkte können problemlos in den Praxisalltag eingebunden werden.

Our Products


The safe & effective leukocyte reduced platelet rich plasma.

Product for the preparation of Regen PRP

Cellular Matrix A-CP-HA

Cellular Matrix combines Regen PRP and Hyaluronic Acid synergistically for even better results in patients with knee osteoarthritis.

Product for the preparation of CM-PRP-HA (Regen PRP + Hyaluronic Acid)

Cellular Matrix BCT-HA

Natural hyaluronic acid enriched with the patient's growth factors for intra-dermal injections.

Product for the preparation of CM-PRP-HA (Regen PRP + hyaluronic acid)


Platelet activation by physiological means for the application of Regen PRP in the form of autologous fibrin glue or in combination with morselised graft tissue.

Product for the preparation of autologous thrombin serum (ATS)

RegenKit Extracell BMC

The flexible system for reproducible bone marrow aspirate concentrate.

Product for the preparation of bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC)

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